FAQ – Polybind Glue

How long does the temperature need to be above 32℉ (0℃)degrees when installing Polybind Ultra glues?

It should be above 32℉ (0℃) at the time of installation. The temperature may drop down after installation but this will delay the full curing of the glue
Ideally the temperature should be above 32℉ (0℃) degrees for 24 hours.

What can be used for clean-up Polybind Ultra Glue?

On masonry or concrete pavers use Acetone, Gatorene, Xylene, lacquer thinner can be used to clean up the Ultra glue as long it has not dried.
** Acetone, Gatorene, Xylene, Lacquer thinner are all solvents so always be careful around painted surfaces or plastics **

Which surfaces can be glued with Polybind Ultra Glue?

The short answer is that Flexlock Ultra glues, will glue most construction materials.
Some plastics may not glue well, for anything else it is advisable to do a test.

How long will the glue adhere to the surface?

Normally the bond of the glue is as good as the surface it is being used to glue. The surface to be bonded cannot be dirty or dusty during application. Our Ultra Performance are considered permanent bonds in 24hrs.

What is the shelf life of the Ultra Glue?

Two years. It must be stored inside. It should not be stored in hot areas
Note: they should be stored at above freezing temp.

Which glue can be used for a fire pit?

The Flexlock ULTRA Performance is heat resistant up to 400℉ (204℃), It is for the surrounding of the fire pit not in the pit.

How do you remove the ULTRA Glue from concrete or stone?

This is best done before the glue dries, scrape or wipe off the excess glue, careful not to smear it over a greater area – then apply Flexlock Rubber Paint and Tar Remover or Gatorene and wipe – continue to reapply until completely gone. If it is dry it could be scraped or sanded off, careful not to damage the surface that it is on.

How do you remove the glue from your hands?

Use Polybind Rubber Paint and Tar Remover or Acetone or also soak your hands in warm water and scrub with soap – wear plastic gloves to prevent this from happening.