FAQ – Polybind Rock Bond

Is Polybind Rock Bond Permeable?

Yes, when mixed with the proper stone, as not all stones are symmetrical spaces will be created allowing water to drip out, making the Rock Bond permeable. The binder is not inherently permeable.

Why is the shine of my Rock Bond gone?

The glossy appearance of the Rock Bond binder will fade over time. This does not cause any weakening of the bond and the gloss can be restored with an application of Wet Look Sealer.

Now long does it take for the Rock Bond to cure

It takes a full 24 to 48 hours to cure and depends on how thick a layer has been applied. It is very important that there be no rain for a least 24 hours. Open working time is about 20 minutes it will vary with temperature and humidity.

What can be used to clean tools after using Polybind Rock Bond?

While the Rock Bond is still wet, you can use Alliance Gatorene, acetone, or xylene. It can also be pressure washed off if it has not dried.