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Gator Fabric GF5
Woven Fabric



Gator Fabric GF5 is a woven geotextile made from polypropylene yarns, forming a stable and durable network such that the yarns retain their relative position. It provides separation for good subgrades by preventing mixing of subgrade soils. A woven geotextile can achieve higher tensile strength at low elongation, known as high modulus. It is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally occurring chemicals, alkali and acid.

Applications & Benefits


  • Driveways and parking lots
  • Poor soil foundation reinforcement, (clay soils)
  • Leveling pad retaining wall foundation
  • Permeable foundation applications of driveway, parking space and more


  • Reinforcement
  • Soil separation
  • High tensile strength
  • High load capacity
  • Extra resistant to punctures and tears

Available in the Following Rolls

NGF5W-0410000 Woven 4´ x 100´
NGF5W-0625100 Woven 6.25´ x 100´
NGF5W-0625300 Woven 6.25´ x 300´
NGF5W-1254320 Woven 12.5´ x 432´





Installation Step 1

Step 1

Excavate, level and pre-compact area.

Installation Step 2

Step 2

Level foundation for a stable base.

Installation Step 3

Step 3

Using GATOR FABRIC GF5 Woven Geotextile will ensure a perfect paver installation every time.

* Disclaimer for GF 5

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